Volunteer With Us!

Thinking that you want to help our cause but not sure where we need help?

Volunteer at our facility in Windsor or Wellington!

It’s a great way for adults (sorry kiddos, you’ll need to stay home for this one) to connect with dogs that are in need! We have volunteer orientations that will prepare you for handling dogs, walking them, feeding them and cleaning their kennels. When you give your time to our dogs in need, you are giving them the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. You are teaching them about trust and empathy. You are giving them the opportunity to learn that humans are gentle and kind. In return you will experience moments of true inspiration and you will discover a new sense of purpose, but most importantly your life will forever be changed because of the difference you made for one of our rescue dogs!


help from behind the scenes

Maybe you’re looking to stay a little closer to home? We complete home checks for every single potential adopter to make sure that our dogs are going to loving homes that are a match for their needs. Applications come in from every portion of Colorado (and even out of state!) so we are always looking for home checkers in your area to help with our cause!

Help us transport!

Love to go for drives? Often we’ll need help transporting dogs from one location in Colorado to another. We are always appreciative of any time you are able to volunteer, even if it’s not the entire length of their journey!

Help out at one of our events!

Sometimes events can be busy places and it can be difficult to talk to everyone that stops by while also handling dogs. In other cases, sometimes fosters aren’t able to bring their dogs to an event and we could use a dog lover like you to be their ride/handler instead!

Become a foster!

As a foster based rescue, our biggest need is fosters. Work full time? Have a small apartment? Have a small yard? Live in the mountains? Have kiddos? At BBCR we have all kinds of dogs for all kinds of people and families. It can be hard to say good-bye, but there are lots of dogs that would love to give you a doggy smooch hello! There are a million reasons people think they can’t foster, but none outweigh the one reason you should – so you can help save a life! It’s absolutely a challenge. It’s absolutely sad to see them leave the nest. But it’s absolutely worth every 120% that you put into it. To see a dog blossom while in your care is worth every tear you shed when they find their forever home. Guaranteed!

Sponsor a Puppy Day Out

Give a shelter dog a fun day on the town! Break one of our pups out of the kennel for a trip where you can spoil them with love, they can stretch their legs, use their sniffer and meet potential adopters!

Show your support!

We are a 100% non-profit volunteer organization and appreciate your donations! Or support us while you buy groceries! Choose us as your charity on your King Soopers card and they’ll donate a portion of your grocery bill directly to us! We also have some fantastic Big Bones Canine Rescue gear to wear on the go!

Ready to volunteer?

Fill out our volunteer release form below and we’ll get you started!

Have more questions?  Email us!  BigBonesRescue@gmail.com

Adult Volunteer Release Form | Youth Volunteer Release Form

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