Foster Applicaton & Contract

Fostering is a great way to help dogs in need! By gaining experience in a home, so much more information can be provided to potential adopters, which greatly increases a dog’s chances of finding a home. It’s a wonderful time for the dog to be removed from the stressors of a shelter environment and learn how to behave in a home setting! Potty training, crate training, obedience, and leash manners are just a few examples of the ways our fosters give advantages to our dogs whose stories remain unknown.

At BBCR, we are proud of our foster team! We’d love for you to join us! Our fosters are committed to the success of each of their dogs and invest their own time into their futures. BBCR provides all vet care and fosters are asked to provide bedding, toys, love and a little TLC! Oftentimes, depending on availability, BBCR is able to provide crates and food for your foster dog.

Apply to be a foster Here!

Rescue is dirty. No doubt about it. Ideal candidates will understand that dogs pulled from high kill shelters will be dirty, possibly flea/tick ridden, exposed to a myriad of diseases such as kennel cough, and their behaviors unknown outside of a shelter environment. They will be flexible in their expectations and open to working with the dog until their forever home is found. Our fosters find that the experience is rewarding and can’t wait to find the next foster! First time fosters often find it difficult to let go of their first foster, but we promise it’s worth it! “One and done” fostering can be draining on our volunteers so please consider that prior to applying.

Fosters will need to be comfortable communicating and meeting applicants to determine if they are a good fit for their dog. They will need to have a Facebook account to communicate with other volunteers and fosters and they will be provided a foster mentor to guide them through the process.

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