Common Dog Behavior Issues

Are you looking for help to treat your dog’s behavior issue?  Just curious why your dog does a certain behavior?  Find out more here about common dog behavior issues and ways to help you and your pup address those behaviors and habits below. Here is a list of some common behaviors you might see:

Behaviors you might see:

• Aggression
• Fear
• Separation anxiety
• Anxiety
• Barking

• Biting
• Chasing
• Howling
• Destructive chewing
• Destructive behaviors

• Excessive licking
• Humping
• Irritability
• Play biting
• Mouthing or nipping

Behavior Problems

Dogs are pretty awesome. But sometimes, they can develop behavior issues that make life challenging. Click to learn more from 3LOSTDOGS.

Dog Behavior Issues

If you’re looking for help treating your dog’s behavior issue, or just curious about why your dog does what they do, click to learn from ASPCA.

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